makeup artist certified matters

Through the scope of social media, it seems like makeup artists are living the most glamorous lives right now. They’re given opportunities to work on the faces of A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen, travel the world, and be backstage at high fashion runway shows every season. However, there’s so much more to it than living a lavish life! The journey to becoming a professional MUA is not as effortless as it looks on Instagram. The artists that we follow and teach about at our LA makeup school have gone through years of training as well as working hard to achieve their level of expertise. Through the years of tirelessly perfecting their craft, there are so many amazing benefits as to why being a certified makeup artist matter!

At our LA makeup school, we promise professional certification in 4-5 weeks! Our classes are intensive, hands-on, and you’ll feel like you’ve worked for a decade with the number of rotations we do a week. Our instructors are amazing artists who are still working in the industry so they’re able to touch on trends and give their own personal experience working on bridal clients, on-set, and even backstage at New York Fashion Week. We teach people of various skill levels and the end result is always the same: we’re able to take what you know (and what you may not know) and mold you into an amazing certified makeup artist.

Here are some of the reasons why being a certified makeup artist matters in Los Angeles:

You’ll be on trend

With social media, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest beauty trends. It shows that you’re in the know and are aware of what is happening in the beauty industry. Occasionally, you’ll get that client who only knows makeup through Instagram and Youtube — if they want a cut crease or a smokey eye, you’ll need to show them that you know exactly what they’re talking about and able to execute it in a way that’s flattering on them.


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Have the latest and greatest makeup products

It’s always great to stay current with makeup trends and that also includes new makeup products. In recent years, the beauty industry has been chugging out so many products in a span of a year. We’ve had to say goodbye to some oldies (RIP OG Naked Palette) and replace them with some goodies (hello, Born to Run!) in our kits. We can’t deny our must-haves, but with so many makeup products on the market, it’s always great to invest in trying out a couple. As a makeup artist, you can rely on hearsay, but you always want to find out for yourself. You never know what product could end up being a staple in your makeup kit.


People will come to you for advice

When someone hears the words “pro makeup artist” they will assume that you know everything. You play with makeup every day so you’re the expert in their eyes! If you’re working at a makeup counter, customers will come in expecting you to know what shade fits them best, what their undertone is, and how to achieve a glam look in less than an hour. It can be a little overwhelming, but this is what you signed up for! As a certified makeup artist, you should be able to let a client understand everything that they need to know. After they’re done consulting with you, they’ll feel more confident in their beauty knowledge since a true expert helped them out.  In our LA makeup school, students are always asking our instructors what makeup they’re currently loving, hating, and what should they do in order to build up their budding MUA career. Our instructors are not only on-site to teach makeup fundamentals, but also get our students ready for the real world and the challenges that they may face. It’s great to have people come to you and ask for your view and opinions on your makeup journey.


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Education and experience will set you apart

There’s a difference between someone who does makeup for fun and someone who is a professional makeup artist. A professional makeup artist has trained exclusively in the art of makeup and in most cases, they have gone to school for it. With professional makeup classes, a student has countless hours of practice working on different faces, textures, skin tones, and features. Doing makeup on someone other than yourself is a whole different adventure! With makeup classes, students are able to master techniques like eyeliner, lashes, and lip liner on their peers as well as perfecting it on themselves. We’ve mentioned before that students in our LA makeup school are able to learn from instructors who are still working in the business. Our instructors have nearly a decade of experience and they’re able to make sure incoming students feel prepared for whatever the world brings them! As soon as they graduate, they’ll feel ready to take on the beauty industry and start making a name for themselves.


Make others feel beautiful

The last reason as to why being a certified makeup artist matters: you’re able to make others feel beautiful. As a makeup artist, you see beauty in everything! You’re inspired by fashion, art, everything around you, and you’re able to translate that beauty through makeup. As an artist, you’re not critiquing other people on how they did their makeup wrong, but teaching them how to make their makeup work for them in a flattering way. After doing a client’s makeup, the smile on their face should say it all! Your job is to make others feel amazing on the inside and outside.