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Going to a makeup school and receiving proper training is a huge privilege in the professional beauty industry. However, a lot of people looking into enrolling at a makeup school are uncertain of where their future lies. At Chic Studios, makeup school in Los Angeles, we’re always getting asked the question, “What happens next after your students graduate?” We’re glad to give our students the Chic Pro Community after graduating from our Professional Makeup Course. It gives them a platform to start putting themselves out there and booking jobs!

It’s no joke to spend your money on something you’re not absolutely sure about. But the thing is, how will you know if you don’t try? Here’s what you need to do after you graduate from a makeup school in Los Angeles

Remember beauties, in order to be successful, you need to take the opportunities given and manifest them! It all starts with you and your attitude towards the future of your career.

Keep on Practicing

Even when you think you’re done learning… think again! After graduating from makeup school, the practice never ends. As a freelancer, there will be times when you’re booked for a whole month and only booked for a couple days. With these days on and off, you should take the time to go over what you learned in school and sharpen your skills! Still having a hard time with eyeliner on different eye shapes? Ask your friends and family if you could practice on them until you’re comfortable with it. Even with the focus techniques, you aced in school, you never want to leave those skills out in the dust. Graduating from makeup school is only the start of your career! You need to take the time to enhance and build on the skills you were taught in order to reach the pinnacle of your career. Practice them so much, that you can evolve them and make them your signature!


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Grow With Your Makeup Kit

At Chic Studios, makeup school in LA, we provide our students with a fully stocked kit for the duration of their time at our school. In the 4-5 weeks, the items found in your Chic kit will create the foundation of products you have in your soon-to-be professional kit. We always encourage our students to come to class with items that they want to incorporate into their kit for the week. It’s a great way to practice and push yourself to think outside the box and out of your comfort zone. We want our students to also take the items we give them in our Chic classroom to practice with and familiarize them with different textures and finishes. As a freelancer, you should have items in your kit that you’re comfortable with and are versatile enough to work with any client who sits in your chair. Compact everything, minimize the stress and organize it in a way that works best for you. You have to remember that makeup has to do with trends, and since trends come and go, your makeup products also have to come and go.

Create a Name for Yourself

It’s never too early or late in your career to make a name for yourself. The best ways to generate more customer leads and get more visibility is through word of mouth and social media. Don’t just expect the clients to come to you! You’ll need to make an effort for the majority of your career in order to get more jobs. Having social media allows a personal space where potential clients can connect with you especially if they’re in another country or time zone. We always mention just how important social media is and it’s where you can express your style as a makeup artist and let the world know you exist. Wherever you go, make sure you have business cards on hand. These business cards should reflect your personal brand and have all the information to reach you: your website, email, phone, and social media handle.


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Learn Something New

One of our students said that they didn’t want to do a certain look (heavy highlight and contour) during rotations because it didn’t fit their idea of how they do their own makeup. However, our instructor was quick to let them know that in the professional makeup industry, 90% of the time you’ll be doing makeup that you don’t necessarily like, but that’s okay because it’ll make your client happy. Graduating does not guarantee that you’ll be a genius in the makeup industry. You need to push yourself and test the waters in order to gain more knowledge. You follow every beauty influencer and blogger imaginable, but do your clients? Introduce them to different makeup techniques that are more than just a smokey eye! Your education isn’t over once you graduate from makeup school. Go online and look up other paid and free makeup workshops in your city. You have to constantly be eager to learn new techniques in order to show your worth.

Boost Your Portfolio

With your social media, you’re able to reach out and connect with other creatives in this professional industry. Reach out to a photographer that you follow and admire and see if they need a makeup artist! After graduating makeup school, you need to keep on building your portfolio so that clients can see a broader scope of the skills you possess. Book shoots, work with bridal clients, do your friends’ makeup, etc and post it on your website and social media! You never know who’ll be looking at your page nor how many opportunities you’ll land by creating a strong portfolio. It’s also a great way to showcase that you’re a constantly working artist which leaves a great impression on those in the industry. Even after you graduate, our doors at Chic Studios are always open to you! We invite our graduates to come in and use our photo studio to get more content for their social media or portfolio. Book your next photoshoot now!