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Always dreamt of becoming a makeup artist? Longed to have the skills of an A-list hairdresser? Perhaps it’s time to look into some beauty training! There are plenty of options out there, so whether you’re looking at changing careers or simply mastering new skills to use at home, take a look at some of Chic Studios’ best courses that’ll make you an all-around beauty expert. Our NYC makeup school features intensive hands-on courses that will make you a certified professional makeup artist and laid-back lessons in basic hairstyling. Time to learn a new skill and see where it takes you!

If you are serious about embarking on a new beauty venture, education and training are particularly important, so make sure you take your time to research courses and decide what will work best for you. Look into what the course will involve, how much time it will take and how much study time you might need to put aside. If you’re just looking for a fun new hobby, of course, consider convenience and cost – but most importantly, what you are going to enjoy. Here’s our pick of the best beauty courses to offer at our NYC makeup school right now, both for work and play…

Hairstyling for Makeup

basic hairstyling makeup artists

As part of our Master Makeup Artistry, students are taught in all aspects of our four-week Professional Course and are given the workshop– Hairstyling for Makeup. This workshop is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. This workshop runs over 3 consecutive days and consists of 18 total hours. This course is absolutely perfect for NYC makeup artists if they’re on set or working a wedding and the hairstylist is either a no-show or cancels. You’ll also look more valuable to perspective bridal clients since you’ll already be on site for the wedding and they won’t need to hire a hairstylist and rely on two different people to make it.

Airbrush + Sunless Spray

airbrush makeup workshop

One of our favorite classes to include in our Master Makeup Artistry class is Airbrush Makeup. Not only will Chic provide you with a fully stocked makeup kit, but you’ll also receive an airbrush kit with products and equipment featuring our favorite brands: Temptu and Kett Cosmetics. During these 2 days of professional airbrush training, you will learn both airbrush makeup followed by sunless tanning training. We touch on every technique and trick on how to perfect Temptu AIR! This workshop is 14 total hours and by the end of it, you’ll be a total expert at all things airbrush!

Makeup Workshop

makeup artist workshop

A new workshop that we’ve implemented at our NYC makeup school is our Makeup Workshops which occur once a month. In this hands-on and intensive 5 hour workshop, students will receive all learning materials and a makeup kit. Each month is a specific lesson listed below:

JANUARY 26: HighLIGHT Makeup + HighLIGHT Cosmetic Career

FEBRUARY 23: Makeup Trends + Sales Success in Beauty

MARCH 23: Starting a Beauty Brand + Mastering Contour

APRIL 27: Mastering Content on Social Media + Cut Crease Eyes

These workshops will not only help you become a better makeup artist, but you’ll also learn how to cultivate and build your growing freelance career. Anyone is free to enroll in our workshop! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner in makeup, we encourage you to take these Makeup Workshops and make your passion your paycheck. We hope to see you in our classroom soon!