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Makeup School in LA – Graduate Spotlight

makeup school in LA certificate

Living in Los Angeles, the opportunities for a working makeup artist are endless! Not only are there many weddings, but you’re able to work anywhere thanks to the nonstop photoshoots, fashion shows, television shows, movies, and events happening in this city. In three years, Chic Studios, a professional makeup school in LA, has created a foundation for so many amazing students. Today, we’re highlighting our graduates who have mastered our Professional Makeup Artistry course and are currently making a name for themselves in this big city.

As soon as they graduate, we help them out by posting job opportunities and exclusive event invitations to our Chic Pro Community. We connect them with previous alumni but also people from all over the world who are a part of our Chic squad. We’re proud to showcase how accomplished our Chic Studios grads are so here is our makeup school in LA graduate spotlight!


Top Foundations for a Professional Makeup School in Denver

Makeup School in Denver foundation

Being a professional makeup artist can open up so many doors for someone who loves makeup! They get a chance to improve their skill daily as well as be included in their favorite brands’ PRO card programs. With this programs comes an endless list of discounts available for a pro makeup artist which means more makeup. With such a large selection of mascaras, palettes, and foundation– how are we supposed to know what to choose? We asked Chic Studios director, Amy Nicole, on her top foundations needed for a professional makeup school in Denver.

With enrollment at our makeup school in Denver, you’ll be given a starting point for your professional makeup kit. As your career grows, so will your collection! Enrolling in our Beauty and Bridal courses will give you the tips, tricks, and tools needed for your new journey. The next time you’re in a makeup store, check out the following foundations!


Become a Makeup Artist with These Hands-On Training Courses in NYC

 makeup artist nyc

Always dreamt of becoming a makeup artist? Longed to have the skills of an A-list hairdresser? Perhaps it’s time to look into some beauty training! There are plenty of options out there, so whether you’re looking at changing careers or simply mastering new skills to use at home, take a look at some of Chic Studios’ best courses that’ll make you an all-around beauty expert. Our NYC makeup school features intensive hands-on courses that will make you a certified professional makeup artist and laid-back lessons in basic hairstyling. Time to learn a new skill and see where it takes you!


Why Denver Is the Perfect City for a Makeup School

denver makeup school

In preparation for the opening of our Denver makeup school pop-up in April and May, we’ve been doing tons of research as to why Denver is one of the best cities out there! So you’re asking yourself… why Denver? Here are our top 6 reasons as to why Denver, Colorado is the perfect city for a makeup school!

Don’t forget to enroll now to save your spot for our Denver makeup school pop up happening from May 8-18th. Just like our usual courses in New York and Los Angeles, we’ll be offering two exclusive Denver courses: Beauty Makeup and Bridal, Beauty, and Business Makeup starting on April 3rd. Hurry now– spots are going quick! Spaces are limited to 20 students, so submit your enrollment today!


History of our Favorite Los Angeles Beauty Department Stores

beauty department stores los angeles

Beauty department stores are either a saving grace or living nightmare for makeup addicts. Once you step into these stores, you’re immediately taken into an overwhelming experience where you’re surrounded by beauty products (hair, makeup, skincare, etc) ranging from smaller brands to high-end ones. It just feels more exclusive and luxurious compared to your usual drugstore. At Chic Studios, makeup school in LA, we’re always heavily influenced and inspired by the beauty industry. The following cosmetic retailers have completely transformed the beauty industry but where did they get their start? It’s time for a history lesson! Get to know the story and history of our favorite beauty department stores in Los Angeles and some great rewards and discounts you can receive when shopping there after becoming a Chic Studios graduate!


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