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Do’s and Don’ts for Resumes in the Beauty Industry

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At Chic Studios, LA makeup school, we know just how important it is to push yourself, especially in the job market. In our Bridal + Business week, a part of our Professional Makeup Course, we go over the basics of becoming a freelance makeup artist: building your beauty brand, creating a portfolio, and making a resume.

A great resume is still one of the most important and contributing factors when entering the job market. It gives potential employers a quick overview of your skill set, job experience, and education so that they can make an immediate decision on asking you to come in for an interview. According to TheLadders, an online job matching service, recruiters approximately spend six seconds reviewing a resume. Within that tiny window of opportunity, you’ll need to make a lasting and great first impression. The following are do’s and don’ts for resumes that will make you stand out in the beauty industry. These tips are sure to make sure you are a cut above the rest and snag an interview with your potential employer.


Interview Questions That Will Wow Your Future Boss

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Picture this: you’ve finally snagged an amazing interview opportunity in the beauty industry. Your potential employer is laughing at all the right times and loving all your answers to the questions they have asked you. However, as the interview is winding down, your potential employer goes “do you have any questions for me?” and your mind goes blank. You have nothing to ask! You simply say “No I do not,” shake hands, and never hear from that employer again. What went wrong?

At Chic Studios, NYC makeup school, during our Bridal + Business week, we stress how important it is to get to know the company you’re interviewing with. After setting up the interview appointment, quickly do some research on where they’re located, how did they start, what their social media looks like, etc. Take some notes and from there, formulate questions to wow your future boss during your interview. It not only looks great on you, but it shows your potential employer that you’re genuinely interested in working there and want to know more about the company culture.


Chic Fashion and Beauty Influencers in Colorado

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Did you know? Denver is a bustling city made up of various neighborhoods that exude their own personality and atmosphere. People visit Denver for all types of reasons but how about the people who are locals there? Despite contrary belief, Colorado isn’t full of cowboys and dirty hippies– it’s actually a growing city with amazing architectural and artistic influences. Of course, with all this inspiration sparks the need for influencers and bloggers. Every city has some, but we’ve researched and narrowed it down to our top chic Colorado influencers who focus on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle that you should follow immediately! At Chic Studios, we’re so excited to call Colorado home for our next makeup school in Denver!


5 Men & Women Who Started Behind the Beauty Counter

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All successful makeup artists had to start somewhere. Like most, they had humble beginnings working behind a makeup counter inside a department store or at a makeup boutique. Here are some amazing men and women who started behind the beauty counter before getting their big break. In our Chic Studios NYC makeup school, we put our graduates in an aftercare program called the Chic Pro Community where they are given exclusive access to events, shopping discounts, and job listings and opportunities. Recently, we’ve posted about being a beauty consultant for Nars and when our Sephora Hiring Fairs are coming to our studio. All makeup artists had to start somewhere, so we’re excited to give our graduates a platform where they can research jobs and connect with our other graduates around the world. 


Denver Makeup School

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Big things are happening and Chic Studios is opening up a brand new makeup school in Denver, Colorado this year! Just like our usual courses in New York and Los Angeles, we’ll be offering two exclusive Denver courses: Beauty Makeup and Bridal, Beauty, and Business Makeup starting on April 3rd. With two successful locations in NYC and LA, Chic has chosen Denver to be the next home and hopes to bring beauty into the city. Located in ‘LoDo‘, which is the oldest neighborhood in Denver, it is historically beautiful and a perfect spot for our students and staff where we believe inspiration can be found everywhere.

Chic is located in an incredibly gorgeous building, filled with chandeliers, high ceilings, complimentary coffee bar, wifi and plenty of inspiration, located at 1800 Wazee Street, Floor 3, Denver CO.


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