makeup school la new year's resolutions

It’s the first day of 2018 and everyone’s been given a chance for a fresh start at their hopes, goals, and dreams! Even if you don’t keep them for the whole year, resolutions are still worth making. It’s better to try than to not bother setting any goals at all. Here’s what we suggest as your New Year’s resolutions for professional makeup artists.

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makeup school la new makeup technique

Learn a new makeup technique

The new year is a great excuse to step out of your comfort zone and try everything! The best makeup artists never stop learning even though they’ve graduated years ago. Learning a new makeup technique will help you stay on top of the ever-changing trends as well! A lot of clients today only know certain makeup techniques that they see on social media and on celebrities, and it would be perfect for you to educate yourself on these trends and make them yours. Expanding your skills will enhance your technique and make you more valuable in the pro beauty industry. Choose a technique you’ve been interested in and make it happen!


Experiment with new makeup products

Have you been seeing an amazing new eyeshadow palette pop up on social media and aren’t too sure about it? Why not try it out for yourself? A lot of makeup companies are based online, like Juvia’s Place Douce Eyeshadow Palette and ColourPop Cosmetics ILuvSarahii 2 Bundle, so there’s no way to physically swatch and test out the products. There’s no time like right now to step outside your limits and try a new product instead of relying on your usual staples. If a client asks for your opinion on that product, you’ll know first hand if it worked for you or not instead of relying on reviews found in the Sephora product section. You want to make yourself helpful to clients, so you should be versed in not only new techniques but new products as well.


makeup school la published work

Network with a new professional

A new year means new photos and content for your portfolio. Is there someone in your local area that you’ve always wanted to work with? If you know of an extraordinarily talented model, photographer, or hair stylist whose work complements your style, reach out to them! There is no better time than the present to approach them about working together. Consider what you know about professional networking, communication, and etiquette. Think about that professional’s style and area of expertise. Which examples of your work might interest them the most? Formulate a concept, prepare your portfolio, and get in contact!


Get your work published

This should be at the top of your goals list every single year! We mentioned in the last paragraph to network with a new professional. The opportunity to work with this amazing model, photographer, and hair stylist has worked and now you have some amazing photos to show off. You could post it on social media and your online portfolio, but why not try submitting it to a fashion blog, magazine, or online publication? Research what fashion and makeup-related works would be interested in your style, review their submission policies, and sort out all permissions needed to get your photo in the public’s hands! Submitting your work for publication is the best opportunity to widen your skill set, reach new audiences, and add an impressive note to your makeup resume!

Cheers to a new year! We hope you have an amazing 2018!