makeup school la confetti treat yourself

It’s time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018! The New Year’s festivities are a great way to send off the embarrassing moments, career lows, and break-ups. Good vibes are the only thing we need for a new year as we invent new and improved versions of ourselves. With the new year comes so many new beginnings! As many of us set our goals and resolutions, it’s important to treat yourself right in the new year so you can stay focused and motivated.

At Chic Studios, LA makeup school, we always make sure our students are taken care of! Our friendly staff is always around to greet our students, get to know them and make sure their experience at Chic is exceptional. After graduation, we stay in touch with our graduates by adding them to our Chic Pro Community. In this private network, we post exclusive events, job opportunities, and gigs, along with career fairs meant for our graduates. They’re also able to connect with our graduates from not just Los Angeles and New York, but also internationally as well. It’s a great way for everyone to support and provide guidance to each other as they make it through the industry.


makeup school la fresh flowers

Decorate with fresh flowers

An instant way to add some more color to your life is through your decor. Keeping fresh flowers in your regular work and living area helps you stay connected to nature’s beauty. Plus, they definitely enhance and elevate the space as well for that extra touch of character. For some tips on making your own arrangements, read this article for tips on floral arranging from Better Homes & Gardens.


makeup school la water fruit

Drink more water

Everyone’s heard it, but few people rarely do it. Drinking more water will literally make you glow from the inside out! We love adding fresh fruit to our water and Buzzfeed recently shared 14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Water Recipes… make sure to try them out! We know people find water to be bland and boring, so spice it up with some of those recipes! You should also invest in a good water bottle as well. It’ll be a physical reminder for you to fill it up and drink more water every day.


makeup school la bold lip color

Experiment with new lip colors

There’s no easier way to spice up your look than with new lip colors! Been sticking with nude lipsticks? Go for a bold berry or bright pink. Usually a gloss girl? NARS Velvet Gloss Lip pencils are a great transition to a bolder color. If you’re not a huge risk taker, at least be bold with your lipstick!


makeup school la scented candles

Light scented candles

Walking into a beautifully scented room helps stir your senses and keep you inspired. No matter the scent, it’ll be sure to help you focus, destress, and relax after a long workday. We are particularly in love with Jo Malone’s line of luxury candles. There is a scent for every mood and personality!


makeup school la bioderma skincare

Invest in good skin care

Consider your skin the canvas of your beauty routine! If your skin is well cared for, it will complement all of the other makeup products that you apply. One of our favorites is Bioderma’s Hydrabio Crème which we use regularly in our Chic Studios classroom and LA makeup school kits. Bioderma has various products fit for sensitive, dry, and oily skin and they smell amazing as well! We definitely suggest implementing their products into your new year routine.


makeup school la statement jewelry

Buy a piece of statement jewelry

Just like a bold lip color, a great piece of statement jewelry can give you a totally new look with minimal time and investment. We love the cute pieces from BaubleBar…plus you’ll get a special deal if you buy during their Happy Hour!


makeup school la journal

Start a journal

We know what you’re thinking… “Dear Diary” was so middle school. But, writing a journal can actually help you stick with your goals. Making lists and writing things down will also serve as great reminders so you won’t forget them. Getting a very CHIC journal (how cute is this one from Kate Spade?!) can also help you commit to the new project at hand.


makeup school la books

Read a new book

If you received a Nook, Kindle or iPad for Christmas…here’s another way to put that gift to good use! Take a break from the ordinary and jump into a new world by reading a new book.


makeup school la recipe cooking

Try a new recipe

Confession: we are major foodies, but navigating around the kitchen can still be difficult! Try making a new recipe and you may discover you have a secret talent. We love the recipes on the blog, “Oh She Glows.” You’ll also be saving a lot of money this year by deciding to stay in and cook, instead of eating out and spending money 2-3 meals a day.


makeup school la best friends

Make a date

You may have lost connections in 2017, so why not strengthen the relationships you have? Call up one of your best friends and make plans for a fun date. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and have time to catch up after all of the holiday craziness!