Makeup School Los Angeles jumpstarting career

The road to becoming a successful makeup artist is filled with lots of passion, hard work and dedication. One of our goals at Chic Studios is equipping our students with the tools and knowledge to make that journey a bit easier. Once enrolling into our Professional Makeup Course, they’re able to not only learn the basics of makeup artistry, but build on their knowledge to create the perfect elements of day and evening looks, bridal makeup applications, and business branding.

Here are a few tips from our makeup school LA team that we wanted to share with anyone looking to jumpstart your professional makeup artist career in Los Angeles and New York. Whether you’re an aspiring or established artist, it’s always good to have these tips in mind…

Stay on top of your makeup kit

It’s important to always know what’s in your kit and how to organize it correctly! Learn to consolidate certain products into travel size containers so that it’s easier for you to find it and also it won’t take up much room in your kit. Along with that, hygiene is key! Make sure you come to a gig with a clean set of brushes and once you’re home, clean them again so you’re prepared for the next job. You want your client to hire you again, so make sure you show it by having a clean work station and makeup tools.  

“It’s very easy to let months, even a year go by without restocking it. Keep an inventory of what you you have and when you reorder supplies.”  –Cynthia Rivas, Makeup Instructor

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Research Products

Along with knowing the products in your kit, also know what is in your products. It’s always good to know what ingredients in products will work to make or break a look. One thing we tell our students is to ask their clients if they’re allergic to anything. We want our students to learn how to make their client comfortable and knowing what chemicals could cause an allergic reaction is the best way to avoid a huge mistake.

“Make sure that you really know the formulations of the products you are using in your kit. Certain chemical mixtures can breakdown products, so you want to be familiar with how to properly mix your products before going into a professional setting.”  –Shaun Gibson, Specialized Makeup Instructor

Stay in contact with clientele

Makeup artists have to be their own entrepreneurs, so it’s up to you to create and generate your own business. Networking plays a huge role in receiving gigs and making connections. When showing up to a job, make sure you have numerous business cards to pass out to bridal parties, models, and photographers. The more clientele you build, the more jobs you’ll receive.

“Make sure that you have complete contact information for all of your clients! Email them monthly with any news and updates for your personal business.”  –Kayti Pillor, Lead Makeup Instructor

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Retail is your friend

There has never been a truer saying than “practice makes perfect.” You could attend the best institution with the best instructors, supplied with the best makeup. At the end of the day it is up to you to pave your path towards by repeating everything you’ve learned multiple times! A great way to do that is to jump into retail like working makeup counters at department stores, Sephora or MAC. Practice not only on customers, but family members and friends as well. Soon enough, the creative talent you were born with can help push and further your career.

Retail jobs are a great opportunity to practice your craft on as many faces as possible, while also meeting potential clients.” – Natalie Jean, Lead Makeup Instructor

Utilize social media

If you want to start building your portfolio, but don’t have the means, use social media! At Chic Studios, we reiterate to our students the power of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube especially as a budding makeup artist. Post before and after photos of clients, makeup looks you’ve created on yourself and tagging the brands used, and using hashtags to make sure your profile has eyes on it.

“Self promotion, especially in social media, is key — but be sure your social media is reflective of your personal achievements. A client that runs across your Instagram and sees photos of food or your bikini summer days could be turned off. The solution — have a separate, private page for your friends, and a work page for your budding career!” –Amy Nicole, School Director