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Looks From the ’90s

Radios played Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Lilith Fair and Mariah Carey. It was the ’90s, and everyone was all about Oprah, Doc Martens and flannel shirts. Cellphones were a new thing, and email was just starting. And there was makeup to be worn. If you’re looking back to the ’90s, consider these five looks that are Chic Studios approved! In our Professional Makeup Artistry course, we cover the history of makeup and how it has changed throughout the years. For more information on our courses, check them all out here.

1. Grunge

90s grunge makeup

Dark liner, pale red eyeshadow and matte lipstick are required to bring back heroin chic. After applying foundation, line eyes with a soft black pencil and apply a light red shadow to lids, using darker red or brown to create depth. Avoid eyeshadows with an abundance of glitter of shimmer — ’90s grunge was more matte, giving off a sense of angst, unease, and a sleepless night of live music and post-performance partying. Dark red, burgundy, blue-gray or russet lipstick is a hallmark of grunge lips. Finish the face with a light application of mascara. Darken brows, brushing them upward or leaving them as is. This look is anything but precise and polished.


Pro Tips from Fashion Week!

We have a passion for fashion at Chic Studios! Did you know? At Chic Studios, we offer an add-on course that teaches students the ins and outs of working backstage on a runway show. Along with that, students will understand trend forecasting and see how these trends are executed into makeup looks within the fashion industry. To learn more about our Fashion + Runway add-on, click here!

We noticed a lot of trends that took over the runway this Fashion Month and loved them so much that we’re going to show you how to recreate them! Keep on reading to learn about our favorite trends…

 Tip #1: Lower lash wings at Jill Stuart

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For eyes that multitask, flip the switch and draw a wingtip on the bottom eyelid with unapologetically thick liquid liner. The ultimate perk of this method, as demonstrated by Jill Stuart, is it leaves ample room for loads of glitter on the top lid.


The Chic Studios Breakdown on Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

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Having the right makeup brushes is crucial when becoming a professional makeup artist. A great makeup brush will truly make a difference with any application. At Chic Studios, we make sure that our students have the right tools and we’re proud to exclusively use Real Techniques in our students’ makeup kits. In each kit, we give incoming students 18 new brushes that can be used to apply foundation, set powder, groom brows, and create gorgeous eye looks.

One of the most important things behind makeup artistry is using the right tools, and for many women, they’re not quite sure where to start. The majority of artists have grown up using triangle wedges, eye applicators, powder puffs, and even their fingers to apply makeup. Now that YouTube has been thriving as a way to learn the pro secrets, brushes seem like the perfect fit.


Gigi Hadid Revealed Her Full Maybelline Collection, and You’re Going to Want It All!

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Gigi Hadid is showing love for the East Coast in the most glamorous way. The supermodel revealed her entire Gigi x Maybelline East Coast Glam Collection on Instagram over the weekend! This set of goodies joins the existing Jetsetter Palette in her first-ever beauty line. This is the perfect palette for our Chic Studios’ NYC classroom!

The products in the collection fall into one of two categories: East Coast Glam, inspired by the NYC’s trendy vibe, and West Coast Glow, which combines a warm, beachy SoCal feel with the a touch of Hollywood glamour. To differentiate each category, Hadid accented her East Coast Glam products with silver lettering, and her West Coast Glow products with gold lettering. We love how there’s variations in color for each coast represented!

Chic Studios’ 5 Must-Follow Beauty Influencers

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With so many different influencers and gurus to follow, we narrowed it down to our top 5 favorites! These beauty gurus came from humble beginnings and were able to cultivate and create a following in the last 7 years. Did your favorite make the list? If not, comment down below and share their instagram and youtube with us!

At Chic Studios, our Digital Beauty Influencer course takes some of these influencers’ aspects to help you define your brand and elevate your social presence. We teach you how to build your social media as a mini portfolio for your clients and followers. Learn more at the link.

Read more, take notes, and hopefully we’ll be seeing your name as a “must-follow” beauty influencer!


New Beauty Store, Riley Rose, is a Millennial Heaven

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, every fashion store has a beauty section located conveniently near the checkout. For years, Forever 21 has been the usual go-to for all our clothing needs and now they’re making their own stand-alone beauty stop.


MAC Cosmetics’ Waterweight Foundation Is Coming in a Concealer Version Now

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Chic Studios’ favorite foundation, MAC Cosmetics Waterweight, will soon be available as a concealer! The sneak peek was unveiled onto social media during London Fashion Week backstage at the Tommy Hilfiger show.

According to Allure Magazine (who broke the news first), “M.A.C. senior artist Dominic Skinner, who created smudgy charcoal cat eyes on the likes of Hayley Baldwin, and Gigi and Bella Hadid for the grunge-inspired rock show, expressed his love for the new formula on Instagram. According to his post, it’s been his backstage go-to this season. The most used and #MostLoved #Product in my #MakeupKit this season has to be the #NEW #MAC #StudioWaterweight #Concealer,” he wrote. It’s #super lightweight but packs an almighty punch with coverage.”

The new concealer will be dropping in 2018 and goes hand in hand with the brand’s sister product M.A.C. Studio Waterweight Foundation, which is described as an “ultra-fluid, elastic, gel-serum formula,” known for its buildable coverage and filter-esque blurring effects.

We can’t wait to get our hands on it next year!



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